Feeling flat? 20 self care tips

Life without your mojo is a bit of a dull place to be. Your view is distorted, your world seems grey and people around you misinterpret your mood, words and actions. It’s hard, for you and for them, to find you.

Now’s your chance to coach yourself so that you can create some personalised prompts to follow when you first spot the signs that your energy is fading.

Here’s an emergency list that I use. So much of it is common sense, and so much of it is easy to forget — or to not apply — once you start to fade. If you create a list of your own, you’ll stand a much better chance of remembering how best to restore your energy.

  1. Sleep
    How can you function in an energised way without topping up the sleep bank?
  2. Laughter
    The first sign for me that I’m waning is my sense of humour goes missing.  Having a good laugh is a magnificent tension release, so calm down, get centred and find something funny.
  3. Switch off
    Move away from the screen. Turn off all electronic devices that will ping, blink, buzz and nudge you back into being busy and distracted.
  4. Stand up
    If you are tied to your computer, stand up and walk around! Lots of people are using standing workstations now. Standing changes the way you work and stops your shoulders, stomach and back slouching.
  5. Newness
    Go somewhere different, get a change of scene, change your patterns — you’ll see things differently.
  6. Bach Flower remedies
    Most people have heard of Rescue Remedy for when people are in shock or have pre-interview or pre-test nerves. There are over thirty more remedies that can help you get through nervous exhaustion, plummeting confidence and overworking while presenting a brave face to the world. Mix the ones that match your state to get your mojo back.
  7. Nourishing food
    You’re an intelligent person — substitute the quick fix sugar and carbs for something you’d encourage your kids to eat and drink. Think vitamins.
 Especially iron if you’re routinely tired. Or vitamin D if it’s winter.
  8. Fun
    Remember that? Being playful and letting go. You might not enter into it in the same spirit but doing something light-hearted will lighten you.
  9. Exercise
    A brisk walk or stroll — practise mindfulness at the same time and you’ll return feeling energised.
  10. Nature
    Fresh air — breathe deep or just sit in Mother Nature’s lap.
  11. Creative expression
    It’s deeply fulfilling when you get your feelings out through something you enjoy doing — going for a run, drawing or anything in between. I’ve spent too long in my life not listening to my creative impulse — doing busy things instead of recognising the worth of creative self expression. The payback is immediate and the rewards long lasting.
  12. Be with kind people
    If your energy is low, you’ll find no gain at all from being with the harsh or the drainers.
  13. Give yourself a good talking to
    Sometimes it’s about snapping out of it, focusing on the facts and taking action that prioritises you — not soldiering on believing you’ll be OK if you just do…. or if you just get through to xxxday.
  14. Inspiration
    Find something meaningful for you and reconnect with whatever it is that nourishes your soul.
  15. Patience
    It will pass.
  16. Massage
    All sorts of stuff gets stored in those tense shoulder, neck and back muscles — release it.
  17. Chiropractor
    Likely your neck and back are out of alignment if you’re eroded or stressed. Realignment energises.
  18. Relaxation exercises
    Meditation, yoga, pilates, mindfulness — find what works for you and get life back into perspective.
  19. Binaural brainwaves
    Read about them and try them here.
  20. A book, a film, head phones & music
    Take your thoughts somewhere else. Things will seem different when you return.

[Disclaimer – These tips are intended for the disappearance of your mojo! If you have concerns about your health, please visit your GP.]

self coaching

Self Coaching

  • Think back to a time when you lost your mojo. How did you retrieve it? What brought it back?
  • Create a list of your top ten renewal tips for your personal use.

As a leader, people will depend on your vitality, and will follow your lead on self care. Here are some approaches you can take towards others when they’re feeling flat.

coaching others

Coaching others

  • You know yourself best – What would give you a boost right now?
  • What do you need to regain your energy today?
  • And over the next week?
  • How are you going to honour this?
coaching upwards

Coaching upwards

  • Look at your priorities for the week.
  • Now put YOU at the top of the priority list — what stays and what goes?

Coacting Styles : Awareness & Adaptability

Get your mojo back, stylishly!

Innovators – Go and have fun.

Achievers – Get on top of the essentials and then dedicate time and space for you.

Perfectors – Stop overthinking and sinking into more detail. Prioritise you, now.

Harmonisers – The only way you’ll be able to have enough energy for others is to put you first for a while.

You can learn more about Coacting Styles here.