Example Solutions

Below are a few examples of the SOLUTIONS that you will have access to:

Living the School Values – do you? (1)

Just as your personal values drive your beliefs and your behaviour, so your school or organisational values drive the behaviour of your staff, which in turn creates the culture you work in. Most schools will have values that are taught in the classroom, such as respect, kindness, perseverance. My question here is how do you role […]


Strong Wings

You were probably attracted to teaching as a profession because you wanted to help others and to make a difference. Facilitating independent learning in your pupils makes a difference to their lives, but what about the adults?


Feeling flat? 20 self care tips

Life without your mojo is a bit of a dull place to be. Your view is distorted, your world seems grey and people around you misinterpret your mood, words and actions. It’s hard, for you and for them, to find you.